Gearhart's Theatrical Organization

This year's play is Annie. Annie is about an orphan named Annie who grows up with six other orphans. Their caretaker is a horrible woman who cant get over herself. One day, Annie meets an accomplished buissness man named Daddy Warbucks. Daddy Warbucks takes Annie in for a while. Annie's caretaker plans revenge with a man who finds her "parents." Annie is taken away and is luckily saved.

Everyone gets a part. If you were in Annie before, you will get a different part than you did before.

We will meet every Monday and Friday after school from 5:30 to around 6:45.

Our first practice will be on January 16. Our show will be on March 25, and we will have a dress rehearsal the day before. Any changes in dates will be communicated to all cast members!

Email me if you are think about joining and I will tell you the location of the first rehearsal.

Contact me at if you have any problems or questions. Thanks!